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"While Allah has permitted trade but has forbidden usury (Interest)"
- AL-QURAN 2:275

  • What is Heera Gold Exports and Imports (HGEI)?
    HGEI started its operations after a lot of research. It is a much better option to invest your money. Government has consented, approved and supported the commencement of this company. All activities of HGEI are according to Indian Government and Islamic Laws.

  • Who is eligible for trading/investing in HGEI?
    Any person who is 18 years or above and is residing in India or in any of the countries where the company has its presence. To find your nearest office click here

  • What is the validity of HGEI and its shares?
    HGEI has been successfully trading across the globe. Its shares are valid for three years from the date of enrolment. Its share holders are present across the world. In India it has offices at many places including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Tirupati. HGEI is legally authorised to supply gold dust and gold bars across the world.

  • Do I always have to carry my receipt/agreement/membership card whenever I visit an HGEI office?
    You always have to carry at least your membership card while visiting an HGEI office. But if you have a query related to payment/investment, then agreement and receipt of payment is also required. Membership card is your identity to HGEI. The validity of the receipt is subject to realization of cheque/draft.

  • How do I get gifts/commissions?
    If you recommended a friend or a family member to invest in HGEI you can get beautiful gifts and/or commissions.

  • How do I know more about HGEI?
    You can contact any share holder or any of the offices of HGEI. The news letter also carries details of HGEI. You can also e-mail your request relating any query to the email addresses mentioned here.

  • What type of trade is HGEI involved in?
    HGEI is one of the famous and largest international traders which export and import gold dust and gold bars in the world. It purchases gold dust from mining companies and supplies the gold dust and gold bars to manufacturers. It has full legal authority and is authorised to supply gold dust/bars worldwide with license for unlimited invoice. It has desire to expand and develop its business in all parts of the world. HGEI provides full guarantee to share holders.

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